Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tickell's Blue flycatcher

As usual, the fly catcher species of birds are very boldly coloured and very attractive. I have more votes to these little birds.

Tickell's blue flycatcher is a very co-operative bird, it first observes the birder or a photographer from its perch. Upon getting confident that we are no harm to it, it engages in its hunting activity, that is where all the joy of observing this little beautiful bird starts!

They repeatedly hunts from the perch. First time I wanted to specifically photograph this bird, decided to go to Nandi hills, yes it appeared, what a joy of being with it? When ever you want to see it, it is there for you, never disappointed. I have seen this bird in Cavery wildlife sanctuary, Nandi hills, Bannerghatta area. They are usually present in dense scrub, canopies, wooded areas, bamboo clumps and have a beautiful call to ! These birds prefer open perches and allow you to get closer like any other flycatcher. One should have enough patience to get beautiful images of this bird, and the bird poses if its feels safe. insectivorous bird.
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