Sunday, 8 March 2015

Barn swallow

Watching a bird doing areal acrobats, restless flying, maneuvering with high speeds to catch insects is a thrill. 

Barn swallows feed on insects, especially flies. They have a very wide range of distribution and are not threatened species, they depends on human beings and spread across the globe as human beings distributed across timeline.

Bran swallows construct solid nests made out of mud and other natural reinforcements on the man made structure.

They breed in northern hemisphere and winters in south. The winter migrants to India could be from the breeding grounds of china. They migrate in huge folks and can cover upto 11'000 KM. 

They contribute towards eco-balance since they feed on insects and control them. Bran swallows are the natural remedy for mosquitoes, as they feed on mosquitoes and keep deadly diseases at bay !! 

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