Friday, 20 February 2015

Indian Spotted Eagle

It is always that fascinates are the apex predators of animal kingdom that plays major role in keeping ecological balance. They keep the population of its prey under check thus preventing any over growth and becomes pests. The presence of  apex predators are direct indicators of various prey base and hence certifies of the quality of the habitat ! Its good to have quality environment around us for our own existence.

The population across the food chain shrinks as it moves up, so the comparative population of top predators compared to the ones that are at the bottom of food chain are less. These predators have evolved with loads of features that exits us. They are geared up to hunt in wild !

In the avian kingdom, the raptors (or Birds of Prey) are one of the top predators and placed at the top of food chain. Indian spotted eagle is one among them.

Indian spotted eagle are about 60 cm in length and has about 150 cm wing span. They are unfortunately vulnerable - being pushed gradually towards extinction. This species prefer dry forests, plantations or grass lands and show less affinity towards wet lands. Their habitat needs to be conserved. They prey mostly on mammals, birds and sometimes frogs etc.,

The famous mobsters, a gang of crows finally surrounded this majestic bird and started harassing. The flight of this bird from a perch to perch attracted them. Coordinated efforts for more than 15 mins  by crows succeeded to mob it and chased away. Intelligent eagle came back after some time as crows go and sat for hours and I left the spot! It was disproved that the misadventure of single crow to mob it again, it cried for support from other crows but did not get and left the place, eagle was least bothered !

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