Monday, 23 February 2015

Common Kingfisher (Small Blue Kingfisher)

Most of you know kingfisher brand famous for :-) ! Yes this is this bird, the logo of Kingfisher group! Small Blue Kingfisher or Common Kingfisher, one of the most colorful birds on earth. As the name indicates this is a small bird compared to other kingfisher species, a sparrow sized bird. They are widely distributed across Asia and Europe. Mostly they are residents of their location throughout year, some times migrate locally in search of food.

They feed mostly on fish caught through diving. Their vision is very well developed to see its prey underwater! As I described pied kingfisher, this is also true certifier of water quality.

The first image is taken near Hoskote (Bangalore outskirts) and the second one near Anekal (Bangalore outskirts)....Few hours of patience, calm, camouflage yielded this quality...

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