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There are five Munia species that can be found in Bangalore, Munias are small cure and social birds, usually breeds and stay with other species of Munias. They are found in folks of hundreds. The breeding season is early Monsoon.

Because of their cuteness and attractive colours often they are kept captive in cages which is offense in India as per wildlife protection act.

They mainly feed on seeds, reeds of grass normally found in open lands. They are resident breeding species around Bangalore. 

Plays significant role in seed dispersion!

Species of Munias found generally in Bangalore are

1. Indian silverbill or white throated Munia
2. Scaly breasted Munia
3. Tri coloured or black headed munia
4. Red Munia or red avadavat 
5. White rumped munia.

Scaly Breasted or spotted munia

Red munia or Red Avadavat
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