Monday, 6 April 2015

The heavenly stream

Can name a person under the sun who do not enjoy the beauty of nature? its almost impossible! Yes the nature's beauty is incredible, so the water streams inside the Jungle lush green on pebbles. These small streams are the sample to the beauties of nature. They are divinely pure if they remain untouched by man.

A DSLR can add more charm to these streams if used artistically. Made this image during a short family trip to Kemmannugundi, indeed an emergency drive to some other place ended with an opportunity to capture this lovely waters. A small break from regular bird photography to try out. 

- Sturdy tripod is must.
- Think it over for the best composition of the image
- wait for light to shrink.

Exif data: f/32, 10 sec @ ISO 100, -0.7 Ev, FL 46mm.

©swaroopbharadwaj 2015

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